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  1. Media center PC. My bad, I was using the myharmony.com website (you don't have to specify device). I'll add it to the other thread
  2. See our knowledge base for help and information https://flirc.zendesk.com/
  3. I've never really understood "dish" remotes but I assumed they were like harmony remote - no matter which one you had the codes were interchangeable. Does this thread help: Or does the remote have to be exactly the same one?
  4. Edit: You don't need to use flirc_util. Have you opened the flirc app after installing "flirc setup.exe"?
  5. Hmm... I've just downloaded that release (for mac) opened the app and was present with this: I upgraded and the harmony profile worked easy peasy.
  6. Hi catatonicfan, welcome to the foums, You could try the Flirc harmony profile we have. Manufacturer: Flirc Device: XBMC You'll also need the beta firmware (currently on Release candidate 2) http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/65-v100-rc2/
  7. At the moment we're on Release candidate 2: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/forum/63-v100-rc/ Please keep all beta firmware talk in the section you got the firmware from. Thanks :)
  8. This is the reason I've not been recommending the Harmony profile - I don't know of any work around for it yet but as it's in beta I'm hoping we get it sorted so we don't need a work around :) Once you're all set up, if you want to, please contribute to this thread so other would be buyers know what they're in for: (Don't feel you have to fill it out though :) )
  9. Hi Joek, welcome to the forums, I will admit it is a little confusing. The main reason for this is that I don't like to encourage everyone to use betas (which the flirc harmony profile currently is) - that's a personal preference though Jason hasn't mentioned any dislike of this practice. When it's out of Beta my plan was to replace all the samsung/panasonic stuff with Flirc profile. But I might just write a note in the sticky regarding the situation. Here's where to find current stable firmware for flirc: http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/ Here's where to find current stable software for flirc: http://www.flirc.tv/downloads For the harmony profile to work you'll need beta firmware and software (currenty on release candidate 2): Indeed there has. Many a conversation. Me and Jason talked about it and agreed that perhaps a wiki wasn't the way to go for Flirc (as we wanted to curate information in a nice, pretty and easy way). We looked into some 3rd party solutions but weren't sure. Then we started focusing back on issues that had cropped up from users in the forum. In theory, Flirc should be relatively fool-proof and not need a wiki... we're not there yet but I can see that day coming.
  10. Don't think so - I think Jason got bogged down in an issue with one of the features. I'll add this to out new issue/feature tracking app we have :)
  11. It is possible. You're probably going to have to mess about with the keyboard.xml file. I'm enjoying the surprisingly nice British weather today so not really at my computer for long. In the meantime, does this thread help? : If not post back and i'll help when I'm back at my computer :)
  12. Umm... in theory yes but I've never managed to find good keymap information on plex's wiki. They share a lot of code with XBMC (as they were derived from it) but they do have the habit of soft-disabling features so you have to do more digging around to find them. I'm beginning to think I should contact Elan (or Plex) and get some solid info about these things - I think it just so happens that most users on here use XBMC
  13. You decide :) Microsoft remotes alternate between two different frequencies (for lack of a better word): I think Jason mentioned something about adding a feature to flirc so users wouldn't have to program each one. It's not a priority at the moment as the work around is easy enough.
  14. I think the twitter updates are done through a wordpress plugin - we'll have to look into a Facebook one. There is a google+ page if that's any help: https://plus.google.com/communities/117725897309901920115
  15. Hi Tia, welcome to the forums, Easiest way is to switch to "full keyboard" layout when programming flirc and find the shortcut to downloading subtitles (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard_controls) If the function isn't in the default XBMC install keyboard shortcuts then you'll have to add it to keyboard.xml (not remote.xml) - there's a thread on it here: You don't need to upgrade to beta firmware Any further questions just post back on this thread :)
  16. Allows us to make progress by ironing out bugs if everyone is using the same beta. It gets too confusing for us and users if we keep multiple betas
  17. Not necessarily. Some remotes (e.g. microsoft MCE remotes and xbox remotes)emit different frequencies on each button press (alternates between two frequencies so a user needs to record every frequency for that button). But you've said you've tried several remotes and aren't using an MCE profile so I wouldn't have thought this applies Completely understandable - they shouldn't be like this. I'll highlight the thread to Jason to see if he can shed some light on it or if not get started with returning them.
  18. Is the other computer of the same spec? Have you tried the other computer? (We're always after more info to narrow down the cause of these issues)
  19. Wow, that is so weird - i've tried booting with flirc and a keyboard and it worked. I'm so glad you've got it working and hopefully this thread will benefit other users should there be a similar problem.
  20. Hi cerafin, welcome to the forums, Sorry you're having issues - of late many issues have been reported with windows 64 bit computers programming Flirc (but once programmed seems fine). We could check flirc is working by trying to program it on another computer (not win7 64bit) - is this possible. Also could you post the spec of the windows 7 64 bit computer (e.g. motherboard etc)
  21. I agree, this does seem like a driver issue. We've had contracts outside of Flirc to help try and fix this but we are going to have to keep looking into it. For more information could you post the spec of the Windows 7 64bit machine. e.g. motherboard. Having more information to find a common element in the machines it does work in and the ones it doesn't work in would likely help a lot. Cheers
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