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  1. The article I linked to you to is a problem that is hard to fix by updating the flirc.

    Basically, MCE/XBOX/Microsoft remotes alternate between 2 different "signals" when you press the same button.


    So the solution in the support article aims to capture both signals. You may have to do this a few times for it to work.

    If "redo" window comes up then flirc has already recorded that signal. Keep trying to record then it should pick up the other signal, it will say "recorded sucessfully".

    This needs to be done for all keys.




    But are there chances that FLIRC is broken or is this simply a one in a thousand compatibility issue? And would it possibly be solvable through the firmware update?

    The "every second key press doesn't work" issue doesn't usually indicate that Flirc is broken - it's a quirky feature of some older designs of remote.

    The issues with the IR receiver on the TV are strange and are outside my knowledge (I just try and troubleshoot common issues), Contact Jason on this link and see if he has an ideas as he is more knowledgeable than I: 




    No problem. If I turn the noise canceler on, every 2nd keypress is skipped, like in I have to press each key twice to get Kodi to react once.

    In an earlier post you mentioned that you have tried multiple remote. What remote did you use to test it yesterday?

    Was it by chance a MCE, microsoft or XBOX remote?


    We might be able to solve the every 2nd button press not working, try out this and let us know how it goes


    Really sorry your Flirc set up isn't going smoothly, this isn't how it's meant to go.

  3. I will update this support document (I've been busy with work over the last few months - and have moved house so need to find my stuff again). 


    In the meantime you can double check they are what they are by programming those keys then opening a text editor and pressing the buttons (as flirc turns up as a keyboard)... or use the  "full keyboard" controller to configure flirc to the way you want.


    Does this help?



    Do to the capabilities of the Bang&Olufsen RemoteOne the Inter-Key Delay needs to be set to 0

    It's probably just me but could you rephrase the question?

    Not sure what capabilities you want.


    Decreasing the inter-key delay value will tell flirc to wait less time before deciding the button was let go. This results in flirc responding more every time you press a button.

  5. It's been a while since i've been the forum but I thought there was a similar issue that had a solution. Unfortunately I couldn't find that.


    If you open a text editor (or anything you can type text in):

    - when you press "2" on your remote what key is outputted on the screen?

    - when you press "5" on your remote what key is outputted on the screen?


    Just to check what key Flirc thinks already exists.




    today i wanted to upgrade the firmware and set the remote with the updated FLIRC....

    After you upgraded, did you clear the configuration before reprogramming?


  6. If you press the button on your remote control when the flirc programming software is running then the key combination will show up. This is the only method I am aware of.


    For deleting the combination it would either require pressing the button that was previously assigned or clearing the configuration completely https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203361609-What-does-Save-Load-Clear-Configuration-mean-

  7. Could you find out more information on the remote control? Maybe a model number?

    Does it help if you record the volume buttons twice? (https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201366933-Double-Key-Presses)



    I also noticed that missing the context menu on the flirc kodi interface

    Easiest way to sort this is to use the "Full keyboard" controller and find the keyboard key for contextual menu using the kodi wiki (http://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls)



    So theoretically, if the automation software can be controlled using a usb keyboard, this should be a fairly simple thing to get working...






    Should be a case of setting the codes on the flirc on my pc so for example lighting scene 1 button remote = 'a' on the keyboard, then setting 'a' to switch my lights on to scene 1 in the automation software...


    Yes :)


    If you do get it working do post in the subforum "show off" - I'm sure many people will find it interesting.

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