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  1. In response to my previous post; yup... waking up randomly with openELEC as well as windows 7, v5 firmware. Windows: Same here but only flirc v5 not 1.0. If I use the power button on PC, PC will stay suspended until I wake it with remote. openELEC: power button sleeps machine properly and can wake with remote v5 and 1.0 Thanks for the temporary solution!
  2. A bit more information... I decided to move from openELEC to Windows until the vdpau issues are sorted. I have openELEC ION RC1 installed on a USB stick and Windows 7 32bit Eden B3 on internal 2.5" HDD. PC is a Shuttle XS35GT. Booted into openELEC for the first time since I got flirc in the mail... Flirc 1.0 is waking my openELEC no problem, but not Windows 7. When I get a bit more time, tomorrow I bet, I'll try flirc v5 to see if the random wake ups happen in openELEC.
  3. I am also experiencing this. On the stable firmware 1.0 windows 7 32bit sleeps properly. I can not however wake it with flirc. After upgrading to fw_wake_v5 pc will wake with any button press (non-programmed) and also randomly with no input from remote.
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