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  1. Hi, thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately i dont have any model number for the Amino remote/keyboard. All i found out is that it might use 36 kHz. But i guess the issue why it isnt working quite well is the IR protocol (maybe RC6 or RC5? not sure which does Philips use, i have had similar issue with theyr remotes) )where the remote doesnt send one code but each keypress sends multiple codes. I have used Eventghost with USB-UIRT and recording the IR codes with that i can see the codes. Maybe its possible to integrate code viewing area into Flirc GUI so one could see which is the unique code that can be used for any paticular key. Another thing i have wondered is that does Flirc catch the whole IR code or might it save only part of it?
  2. Hi, i also have problem with amino remote and also with amino IR keyboard. But it seems that these remotes send out similar codes for different keys and its not only one code for one key but the codes are changing. I have seen similar behaviour with Philips remotes. Would be nice if i could use this Amino full keyboard and even nicer if Jason can integrate mouse movement since the Amino IR keyboard has little joistick.
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