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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Last hours I've been showing my creative side on my end and found another solution. I found out that by shielding the Flirc dongle with my hand when operating it on my laptop it worked. What I did next is I build some sort of paper hat to cover the dongle. It worked on my laptop. I punched it in my Mac Mini en guess what? It worked too. I'm not cheering yet. Let's see if this solution will last. If not then I will check out the light sensor. Thanks Chris!

  2. Well Chris, you're getting your chance to help me out :-( After functioning perfectly well, I shut my mac down. An hour or so later my wife came home from work. Proud as I was (the fool) I wanted to show off my achievement. Guess what happened..... Same thing all over again. Repeating keystrokes. Aaarrgghh!!!

    After some serious cursing I continued investigating. I turned on my laptop (windows) with Plex in the livingroom. Same problem with Flirc. Repeating keystrokes. I went upstairs to the room where I configured Flirc previously. No problems there.

    Then I went back to the livingroom and turned off all my equipment (TV, home cinemacenter and decoder). Flirc performed fine. That narrowed it down. Then I turned all of the above one by one on. Bazinga! My Philips TV (32PFL7404h) seamed to be the little bastard that is the cause of repeating keystrokes.

    Now what is strange here, is that in the afternoon (daylight) it was working fine with my TV on but when it became dusk it didn't. So it looks like it has something to do with lightconditions. The big question here is how I'm gonna solve this one because frankly I'm stuck for now. Chris to the rescue please ;-)

  3. Yes!! I did some digging and read a few topic about interference and I finally got it working. My setup:

    - Mac mini (with built in infrared switched off)

    - Harmony one + (choose Samsung LN46C650L1F with interkey delay set to 0)

    - I did a setup with Flirc software on a Windows 7 machine in a different room then my Mac Mini is (to avoid interference)

    - I used full keyboard layout

    Now it is working!

    Also installed Alauncher en configured command+F1 as shortcut key through the Flirc software. This is really cool. I've been struggling for so long with my Harmony remote and Plex. Now I finally found a solution that works. Thanks!!

  4. I'm trying to set up Flirc on a Mac Mini (10.8) with a Harmony one + remote. I tried both Panasonic TC-P65VT30 and SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F. Both with different delay settings (0 / 100 / 200 / 500).

    But everytime I hit a single key on the remote Flirc just goes beserk and keeps repeating the keystroke. Any idea's on this?

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