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  1. Ditto. Why doesn't it at least let you set the Power Up command to include input selections on the devices?
  2. OH, wow. Yes, I totally missed that. Thank you! And boom...my problem is fixed. So I guess the File menu items serve no purpose.
  3. HOW? This gets to the crux of my problem. I did export my settings. But the app does not allow me to Import. The Open command is grayed out!
  4. Nothing. No response. I'm starting to wonder if this product is walking dead. I was not able to resolve my issue. In fact, it seems that attempting to sync from my remote to the app actually wiped out what was on my remote. So maybe it's just not able to do that. Looks like I'll need to recreate my devices and activities. I hope Flirc isn't abandoning this thing. It's a decent remote!
  5. I upgraded my computer and reloaded all my software. I figured I was doing what I'd need to by saving my remote configuration in a .skip file. But now that I've loaded the app on my new Mac, I can't load the file. When I try to open the file itself, it says the Skip App can't load such files, and when I try to load the file from the app, the Open option in the File menu is disabled. I tried connecting the remote and syncing it, but I get an error that says it can't sync? So how am I supposed to update my remote settings if I can't get the app to acknowledge the settings I already created? I don't want to have to start over again.
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