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  1. Hi, I've been scoured this forum, and the internet for a solution to my issue. The device works perfectly on other devices Mac/PC (tested both). According to some other threads I am not the only one to have issues with the RPi 4 (Rasbian Buster). From what I have been able to find there seem to be a couple of things to try: Try all the different USB ports: Done, did not work Try another high quality PSU. Tried all i could find at home from various vendors, even went out and bought the official PSU. Did not work. Running latest FW. Running 4.9.3 the symptoms I am experiencing: The device becomes unresponsive and disconnected at random, and then connects. I have not been able to find any systematic pattern, but seem to jump in matter of seconds. Observations: Not a GUI thing, same behaviour when trying to interact through CLI Any ideas of what to do, or should i just give up on using the Flirc on the Pi? I'd be happy to provide additional information if someone can tell me what they would need.
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