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  1. Any suggestions or work-arounds?
  2. I cleared the config, then recorded the up and down keys for the FireTV. When in the guide, or anywhere that key repeat is useful, I get one and only one keypress. Attached is that log file. I have also attached my normal full config. my_flirc_log.txt my_flirc_config for v2.fcfg
  3. I have both the Flirc v1 and v2. The v1 has no problem replicating key repeat when holding down a key on the remote. (One of the generic remotes used for DVRs by Verizon, Frontier, etc.) I can't get the v2 to do key repeat. I tried programming long press as the same key, but no matter what, I get one and only one keypress. Is there something I should be changing to get key repeat working? I'm familiar with the command line tool if that makes a difference. I'd like to have both long press and repeat available, but at this point I would gladly switch to a firmware that abandoned long-press for functional key repeat.
  4. For anyone that ends up on this thread, I figured it out. While in the same directory as the flirc_util program, and your FLIRC plugged into your PC, issue this command: (PC) flirc_util.exe record_api 141 102 (MacOS/Linux) ./flirc_util record_api 141 102 It will then prompt you to press a key on the remote that you want to associate with the FireTV Guide button.
  5. I realize the 3rd gen alexa remote has't been released yet (Should ship around April 23rd) but I am curious if anyone knows if the guide button on the remote can be emulated over USB? I'm guessing it is the same guide button that is present on some of the TVs with FIreOS.
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