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  1. Hello,

    I am pretty new to lirc and htpc stuff. I build a htpc with a asrock x570 phantom itx tb3, ryzen 4350g, streamcom F7C, streamcom nano160 psu and flirc-se (hard to find but streacom sent me one).

    I use manjaro xfce as base, plus kodi with mpv as player. 

    I tried today to make my remote to work. First when i start flirc guy in xfce it asked to update to latest firmware. I did it and then i map my buttons, including the power button of my remote under the "streamcom" tab. 

    I check my bios, and there is a few option under the "ACPI Configuration" :

    Suspend to RAM =} Auto

    Deep Sleep =} Disabled

    USB Mouse / keyboard power on =} Enabled

    RTC Alarm Power On =} Disabled

    And... when my htpc is off (S5) the power button of my remote do not start it. I also own a k400 bluetooth keyboard, it has a power on button with FN + inser key. If i understand it right, it should also power one my htpc as the bluetooth dongle is usb, but it doesn't.

    I made some research and the only topic i found is this one : http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/1651-power-toggle-triggering-with-streacom-version/

    So i try this command to see what is happening :

    [satan@satan-mabite ~]$ flirc_util settings
    flirc_util version 3.22.4 [3.22.4]
    Firmware Detected
    Version: v3.9.0
       SKU:     flirc-se
       Hash:    0xE31E4C1A

     sleep detection:  Enabled
     noise canceler:    Disabled
     inter-key delay:  5
     seq. modifiers:   Disabled
    [E] lib/libflirc/bootloader/bl_2.0.c fl_ver2_product_type(526): unknown or unsupported variant: 144
     variant:          Unknown
     builtin profiles: Enable

    Memory Info:
     keys recorded:  12
     keys remaining: 157
     memory used:    8%
     product sku:      flirc-se

    Recorded Keys:
    Index  hash        key
    -----  ---------   ---
       0  CC51519B    a
       1  999F59B    up
       2  4AD759B    down
       3  905F759B    left
       4  5B8F639B    right
       5  2FD8079B    power
       6  CDFD879B    return
       7  6C12F59B    escape
       8  3318519B    ;
       9  1FF2F59B    p
      10  60C13F9B    j
      11  F09DD19B    o

    The 5th key is well assigned to the power key but there is this "144" error.

    Any idea ?


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