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  1. Before, I had the following setup which worked perfectly well for me: Harmony 300 Flirc Gen1 for the Harmony attached to a Minix U9H with Kodi Kodi set up with sophisticated button assignments, e.g. for buttons with all 4 colors Amazon FireTV Cube with it's own RC Today, I have this: Harmony 300 Flirc Gen 1 - not in use Flirc Gen 2 for the Harmony programmed with the "Nvidia Shield Gen2" profi Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 (works with Flirc, but the power button does not?) & the Kodi app installed What I want to achieve is the following: control the Shields itself & it's normal apps with the Harmony 300 assigned to one "device" button ("Cable/PC") & control the Kodi app ON the Shield with the similar sophisticated button assignments - if needed under a different "device" button ("DVD/Music") I'm not sure if this is possible with one Flirc gen2 device? Would I maybe need to have two gen2 devices (my Flirc Gen1 is not detected under Windows10 anymore with the latest Flirc software so I can't use it)? Would I maybe need to make each flirc "listen" to only one RC "device" (there is a way to do such a selection in Flirc I think)? Thanks!
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