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  1. Sorry for the cry for help, I solved the issue by performing a "clear configuration", and recording my keys again (just once was sufficient, not twice per key BTW). And the pleasant surprise is that the noise protection is effective, thank you!!!
  2. I'm an old user, having happily installed Flirc with the 1.0 firmware on my Raspberry box running Openelec... Recently, noise creating phantom-keypresses lead me to a thread where it suggested updating the firmware, which now provides a noise control. I did it, but I couldnt check yet if the noise issue is gone, because now it appeared the one-keypress-every-two issue. It certainly is firmware related, because nothing else changed. I tried the procedure to record twice every key, but it didnt solve the issue. For additional info, I attached the output of flirc-util settings flirc-settings.txt
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