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  1. Hi, I've just bought a gen 1 Flirc to control Kodi on an old iMac I'm giving to my mum (running Yosemite 10.10.5).  I cannot get any version of the GUI I've downloaded to install (3.22.2, 3.22.4, 3.25.3).  All give me an error message that the file is 'damaged and can't be opened'.  I enabled (temporarily) 'Apps Downloaded From Anywhere' under Privacy, but just get another error 'check with the developer this file works with this version of OS X'.  I did find a version 0.98 somewhere, which does install, but won't let me record any key presses.  The only work around I have found, is to install Flirc on my new macbook, record the key presses on it, then plug the flirc back into my old iMac running 0.98.  This works but won't be workable once I give the iMac to my mum

    Can anyone offer any advice?

    Many thanks


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