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  1. Thank you for the reply Jason.


    Are you familiar with Roon? I am trying to use my Harmony remote to pause, FF, and go back songs.  That's all. I am only setting up flirc once, recording "space bar, ctrl-K and ctrl-J.

    I tried setting up the keyboard and was able to record ctrl-k but when I try ctrl-j and space bar I get this:



  2. I have recently purchased FLIRC and having issues right out of the gate.  I have the software installed and the firmware updated.  

    • Pull FLIRC into PC
    • Controller: Media Keys
    • Attempted to Record Logitech Remote 
      • Play/Pause, Forward, Backward (Most time I get an error after the first record that the button has already been mapped)
      • Saved Configuration
    • Unplug FLIRC
    • Plug FLIRC into Ropieee XL Endpoint
      • Validated Ropieee shows up within settings
    • Add Roon Control Zone to Ropieee XL settings (copied from Roon)
    • Run Harmony App
      • Add new device
        • Entertainment
        • FLIRC / KODI
        • Save / Sync Settings
    • Run Roon
      • Settings / Extensions / Enabled
    • Attempt to use remote to Fast Forward Song
      • FAIL



    Any help would be appreciated.




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