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  1. Not sure what you mean? Does it matter what machine I use to record or does it need to be done on the "core"?
  2. Thank you for the reply Jason. Are you familiar with Roon? I am trying to use my Harmony remote to pause, FF, and go back songs. That's all. I am only setting up flirc once, recording "space bar, ctrl-K and ctrl-J. I tried setting up the keyboard and was able to record ctrl-k but when I try ctrl-j and space bar I get this:
  3. I have recently purchased FLIRC and having issues right out of the gate. I have the software installed and the firmware updated. Pull FLIRC into PC Controller: Media Keys Attempted to Record Logitech Remote Play/Pause, Forward, Backward (Most time I get an error after the first record that the button has already been mapped) Saved Configuration Unplug FLIRC Plug FLIRC into Ropieee XL Endpoint Validated Ropieee shows up within settings Add Roon Control Zone to Ropieee XL settings (copied from Roon) Run Harmony App Add new device Entertainment FLIRC / KODI Save / Sync Settings Run Roon Settings / Extensions / Enabled Attempt to use remote to Fast Forward Song FAIL Any help would be appreciated. Brian
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