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  1. this would also be nice for nvidia shield. I have remote buttons set for f1-f15 and an app called button mapper can then assign functions to these buttons. It works really well. more function buttons (or possibly a 2nd language keyboard?) would be helpful because i want to use a bluetooth keyboard to type movie names etc.. so i wont be able to use most of the keys on the keyboard. Another idea is to make a mode where the key is translated as ctrl+alt+shift+(letter) When i tried this, all it would see was left ctrl. lmk what yall come up with!
  2. I bought a 8 device universal remote, thinking i could customize some of the extra buttons on it. turns out if the 4 digit profile device doesnt have a command assigned to it the IR stays blank (confirmed by using smartphone camera to see IR code) Anyone know what real physical device has the app1 app2 and app3 buttons along with all the other buttons? i want to assin all keys in nvidia shield using app called button mapper.
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