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  1. So I actually bought the Flirc recently and so far I've set it up so my LG tv remote control will communicate with my homebridge automation server to go to the YouTube app if I press the red button, go to the BBC iPlayer app if I press green, turn on our living room lamp if I press yellow and go to Plex if I press blue. I haven't bought a HDMI switch yet, but if I could find one that is wi-fi controllable and it can communicate with homebridge then that will avoid the need to send IR signals to a switch

  2. 24 minutes ago, jason said:

    I don’t have time to support it right now. It’s all possible through scripting, and quite honestly, I’m not pleased with the transmitter. I’m working on integrating a much higher power transmitter in the next generation. You need line of site, 6 feet max. It’s not good.

    The lack of distance for line of sight wouldn’t be an issue for my desired setup, but it’s the code I’m having trouble with. Whenever you do get time are you able to write something where I can replace certain bits like the IR frequency? No problem if not, I understand if you’re super busy and don’t get the time 

  3. Hi everyone! 

    I haven't bought the Flirc just yet, my original plan was to buy one along with a Broadlink device so that I could map a button on my non-smart IR tv remote to have the Broadlink send an IR signal to another device (a HDMI switcher box that changes input). But I'm now reading that the 2nd gen of the Flirc does some transmitting! If this is the case then it would mean I don't even need to buy the Broadlink. Could anyone confirm? It doesn't need much range as I'll place the Flirc right in front of the device I'm hoping to transmit to (the HDMI switcher box). 


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