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  1. i have a suggestions for Flirc developers, is possible add support, for use a roku now tv smart stick with infrared remote control with a FLIRC V2 USB ? maybe using the old remote control codes of the first roku models with infrared included, it will be possible to control the roku now tv stick bluetooth via infrared usb flirc v2 connected on otg cable which also powers the stick and have usb (i have attached cable image) , but to do this you definitely need an update of flirc v2 usb it would be very useful to finally be able to use the only universal infrared remote control, instead of the small and impractical bluetooth remote control supplied is can possible add support roku stick on flirc usb v2 please ??? this functionality of returning to having infrared on the famous roku now tv product and smart sticks, is in great demand around the forums, so I ask the Flirc developers to get to work immediately for add support on flirc usb v2
  2. @randman but also to you happens, that you have to point the remote ir towards the shield ? If you point the ir remote, a little more sideways can you still command the shield? or does it not receive infrared signal?
  3. @randman thank you, I'm trying the usb ir flirc and it seems to be all right. only problem can I use a usb hub ? both to expand the 2 few usb ports and to have better infrared reception of the flirc ? currently the usb flirc is connected on the back shield pro, and infrared reception and targeted only if the remote control is aimed directed at the nvidia shield, if it is prolonged frontally the reception definitely better without having to point towards the net shield , I say well ?
  4. did you manage to teach all the keys ? also the keys rewind, forward, play pause? when i download the flirc program on windows the pc gives me error virus how did you do it? to use the flirc stick, is the usb extension required to bring infrared pointing reception forward? considering, that the nvidia shield has usb ports on the back
  5. @randman the my remote control already configured with the codes, must teach the commands to the flirc that must be connected to the right pc? and starting the appropriate flirc software via pc ?? so at flirc don't need ready-made configuration files? flirc usb does it work perfectly without lag with the nvidia shield 2019? I ask you this because the support via chat of the nvidia shield, some customers have reported to them, lag with the usb flirc to control the nvidia shield via infrared, I asked if they had a list of compatible usb ir for nvidia shield and they say that they do not have this list compatibility
  6. @randman what are the documents to configure the usb flirc, to control the nvidia shield via infrared ? i have remote control with already the code to control it , please you can attached the complete file cfg for remote flirc with nvidiashield 2019 ?
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