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  1. OK, still playing around with it trying to get it work the way I want and found that part of the problem is with the Built in Profiles being selected.  If I uncheck all of the Built in Profiles, I don't get the a2a2a2a2 any more but I must now press a given button twice to get a single command.  I started a new thread in the Bugs forum.

  2. I have been trying to get my FLIRC working with an MCE remote to interface to an older (non-MCE) app and have found the following.

    I go into the GUI, clear the configuration and uncheck all of the Build in Profiles (Side note: After exiting and restarting the GUI I sometimes find some or all of the Built in Profiles are now checked.  Multiple retries will finally get them all unchecked). I then confirm using Notepad that none of the numeric keys on the remote are sending any commands.  I return to the GUI and using the Full Keyboard controller, I map the "a" key to the "1" button, "b" key to the "2" button ...... "j" key to the "0" button.  I return to Notepad to confirm operation and find I must press a numeric button twice to get a single letter.

    I simply want to send an "a" each time I press the "1" button and so on.  How do I get that to work?



    Windows 10 Home Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.836)

    FLIRC GUI Version 3.25.3

    Firmware v4.9.3



  3. Just got my FLIRC and I am trying to set up an MCE (Media Center Edition) remote to interface with an application by simply sending keyboard characters to the application when certain buttons are pressed on the remote.  Here is what is happening:

    First, I do a clear configuration, and then select the Full Keyboard controller.  I select the "comma" key and press the "Fast Forward" button on the remote.  Now I go to Notepad on the computer to test that the Fast Forward button is actually sending a comma.  It does, but only on every other button press!  Thus, it takes two presses of the Fast Forward button to get one comma.

    After trying to figure out what is going on (unsuccessfully), I also discovered the following:

    First, I do a clear configuration, and then select the Full Keyboard controller.  I select the "1" key and press the "1" button on the remote.  I then select the "a" key and press the "2" button on the remote.  I go back to Notepad to test.  Each time I press the "1" button, I do indeed get a "1" however, the first time I press the "2" button, I get an "a" and the second time I press the "2" button, I get a "2"!  So, repeated presses of the "2" button results in 'a2a2a2a2' in Notepad.  This behavior is consistent with all of the number buttons on the remote.

    I can only guess that I am missing something.  Please help.

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum, let me know if I should repost elsewhere.

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