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  1. Hello forum I bought a Flirc 2. Gen recently to use it with my OSMC (Kodi) on a Raspberry Pi 3 with the Logitech Harmony One Remote. Set up as described. But only a few buttons are actually working! Main buttons like navigation, play, stop works fine. But not even FF/Rewind or the step Fwd/Rew works as supposed. The "Power off" button just opens a window on which I have to scroll down to select the right comand and press ok again. The Harmony remote seems not to be able to shut down the device on this way in an activity, without a descrete "power off" comand. And there is not even a "Power on" button! So it's not possible to integrate the device in an automated actvitiy! Also missing is the ability to enter the detailed player controls (key "M" on a pc keyboard). I'm a little confused about that behaviour. How can I get to run it properly? Thanks for any help.
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