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  1. back trying to learn long presses i loaded my file, advanced-long presses click button to program, it flashes waiting for IR code, i send IR code, nothing happens i have to cancel what am i missing?
  2. i had to reset my FireTV, it doesn't recognize FLIRC commands i know i did something originally, but can't remember, what do i have to do?
  3. not sure what i am recording on the 2nd press as i have no idea what the FireTV sends for the long press? am i just recording my FF button again?
  4. how do i learn the long presses? i.e. FF speeds i am using a Crestron learner to send the IR commands mark
  5. can't get the HOME button to work 4k firetv with dongle for the USB port all other commands work tried relearning HOME, but still doesn't work - i am learning from a Crestron IR learner, using ROKU IR commands mark
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