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  1. 11 hours ago, jason said:

    Can you give this a shot:

    For windows, copy the Program Files (x86)\Flirc directory to your desktop and replace the contents of the folder on your desktop with the zip attached.

    You can grab 7zip to unzip that.

    You'll also need to re-learn these buttons.

    Linux: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc%20GUI/linux/Flirc-3.24.3-12-g024d529.tar.gz

    Mac: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc%20GUI/mac/Flirc-3.24.3-12-g024d529.dmg

    Windows: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc%20GUI/win/Flirc-3.24.3-12-g024d529.tar.gz

    Please let me know how that goes.


    Thank you. All the buttons now work for me with the exception of Back and Home. I still do get the same pop up about updating my firmware everytime i open the flirc app or plug in my flirc though.

  2. 10 hours ago, jason said:

    I'll make this easier in the future. Go to Program Files x86\Flirc and copy that directory to your desktop. Don't move it. Then drop the contents of the zip in there and run it from the desktop for now.

    Thank you so much Jason. Am amazed at your speed of replies and helpfulness. I've managed to install everything successfully and upgrade to the new firmware on my Flirc device.

    Sorry to be annoying, I now have another question - the Back, Menu and Home buttons don't work on my Harmony 650 remote. I've gone into "MyHarmony" app and don't see the corresponding buttons to map onto my remote. The closest I could fine to those are "ContextMenu", "ParentFolder" and "Back", all of which, unfortunately do not work. Would you have any tips on setting up my Harmony remote device? I've used the instructions here.

    EDIT: I think I figured out why. Although I see the new NVIDIA Shield Gen2 GUI, and Flirc prompts for a firmware update immediately upon opening Flirc, the firmware update doesn't seem to stick (ie. i think the device is not updating properly). After selecting yes, the firmware says it is successfully updated but the version number on the bottom right still reads 3.9 when it should be 3.10.



  3. 19 minutes ago, jason said:

    Re-download the original file again. It's supposed to be a .tar.gz file. Open the original file again with 7zip.

    Thanks Jason. I now see a .exe file which unfortunately cannot be opened. "The code execution cannot proceed because WinSparkle.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

    I've tried re-downloading and re-extracting, but the same error occurs.

  4. 16 hours ago, jason said:

    @Ian Flirc 

    It's just a zip format. Download 7zip which should be able to add support for that. You can unzip and run it.

    I haven't sold the gen1 in a couple years, are you sure you have one of those? Is it the plastic version?

    Thanks. Yes its the plastic version.

    After unzipping the .gz file, you get a .tar file. What am I supposed to do with this new .tar file? Windows can't find a suitable programme to open it. I've also tried opening it with the Flirc programme, but nothing seems to be happening. Should there be a new GUI with the new Shield controller after opening it?

  5. 23 hours ago, jason said:

    Here is some software, there is accompanying firmware in each. You should not have to re-learn any buttons.

    The firmware upgrade is only to support another USB HID key used by nvidia. There is a new controller which adds the new keys.

    Do any buttons work for you at the moment and you are just lacking support for the new buttons? I’ll spend some time on it today.  I did see some buttons working on my shield, but I had to change the way USB reports back to the host, which would mean if that’s the direction I need to go in, customers would need to re-learn buttons.

    Linux: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/linux/Flirc-3.24.3-3-g6e0058d.tar.gz

    Mac: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/mac/Flirc-3.24.3-3-g6e0058d.dmg

    Windows: https://flirc.io/nightly/Flirc GUI/win/Flirc-3.24.3-3-g6e0058d.tar.gz

    @Rojma I have been reaching out to Logitech without success. I have a lot of updates for them. I’m trying. I guess people will just have to hang tight for my remote... ssh

    Thank you Jason for posting this. I was excited when I saw your earlier post that you will be having a solution for us and got myself a gen 1 flirc today. However, I can't seem to figure out how to use this .tar file. I would appreciate any help. I've tried putting it in the flirc folder, and then re-opening flirc, but don't seem to see any difference. How should I be using the file?

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