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  1. For me the pause/play buttons did not work until I recorded them manually. I have no idea why. I worked around the problem by recording caps-lock as the play/pause key and using the kodi custom keymap addon to configure caps-lock to be the play/pause button instead of spacebar. That way even if I get spurious IR signals they will just cause a caps-lock press which does not affect the general day-to-day use of the PC. I tried many times to reset config and re-record and always had the same issue. Why don't you have an advanced feature in the GUI to see exactly what is recorded and the ability to delete keys etc? You say I had multiple spacebars recorded but of course I had no way to know that. Thanks.
  2. Any update or help on this issue? I would love to get the FLIRC working. Thanks
  3. o.k. here it is. A bit more info - I am only trying to use the Flirc to control Kodi. The source remote is a Harmony and although I can program nearly every key I want successfully I cannot seem to program the Play or Pause buttons. I go to the Kodi layout in the GUI, click on Play, press the Play button on the remote and the GUI says "recorded successfully", but then pressing play on the remote does nothing in the GUI - the play button in the GUI does not respond. I tried erasing/re-programming loads of times and always the same. Like I said, every other key I programmed on the Kodi GUI works as I would expect. I tried clearing the config in the GUI and starting again but it's still the same. I also did some more testing and although the Flirc is receiving loads of random inputs, the only output I seem to get on the PC is the occasional "space". So if I leave the PC in an editor I get no other inputs or special characters other than several spaces. But that's enough to mess the PC up when you are working on it. Space does play/pause on Kodi of course, play/pause on my music player if that has focus, messes with other apps as well as imputing random spaces in editors or whatever. Thanks for any help! my_flirc_config
  4. I am using Flirc USB on Ubuntu and I can program it and it works (using a single Harmony remote) and only controlling Kodi. However, I am getting constant seemingly random IR signals, some of which seem to result in keypresses or control characters or something which really messes with the PC. You can't really use the PC with this going on. If I look at the device log and enable IR debugging then I can see all these signals being received but if I leave a cursor in an editor I don't get any visible keys or anything showing, it's very odd. I have tried the flirc on various USB ports, with/without USB extension cable. I have tried the flirc in different rooms, in cupboards, covering the Flirc completely so it cannot possible be seeing any IR signals. I have tried disabling all builtin profiles (I normally just have the kodi one enabled). I have read on here lots of (very old) problems like this but no real solution. Ubuntu 19.10 Flirc GUI v3.24.1 Firmware v4.7.0 An example log from just a few minutes: Mon Nov 25 2019 17:14:47 Flirc GUI Version v3.24.2 Operating System: Linux :e:6392 0,344,359,92,673,316 :e:304 0,196,371,453,197,287 :e:426 0,221,312,312,189,368 :e:3734 0,761,380,419,176,236 :e:2366 0,222,311,360,660,363 :e:1836 0,506,422,408,462,211 :e:1936 0,420,223,283,286,521,227,211 :e:2057 0,230,270,185,286,92 :e:7281 0,421,363,207,201,283 :e:13499 0,221,248,240,469,236 :e:8687 0,226,312,117,461,314,374,130 :e:3550 0,171,265,96,459,161,418,368 :e:1598 0,464,167,241,341,309 :e:724 0,646,176,291,439,292 :e:297 0,195,185,126,587,258,193,210 :e:1342 0,171,367,244,558,767 :e:306 0,527,1131,96,664,113 :e:1522 0,298,452,635,542,130 :e:2484 0,196,304,266,167,427 :e:2740 0,485,210,113,430,211 :e:2696 0,205,898,215,694,313 :e:1607 0,221,559,261,860,261 :e:1344 0,468,265,185,371,211 :e:807 0,850,168,435,231,262 :e:3967 0,484,287,206,341,389 :e:2344 0,446,168,571,214,343 :e:5699 0,298,430,636,358,237 :e:2669 0,459,278,236,852,130 :e:3950 0,553,214,143,431,211,219,444 :e:7096 0,472,227,417,275,516 :e:3617 0,222,800,159,499,236 :e:3523 0,196,232,210,834,288 :e:1171 0,273,231,398,316,261,219,444 :e:8861 0,200,741,266,418,210 :e:1762 0,493,252,164,486,211 :e:3784 0,222,464,211,427,312 :e:703 0,222,579,211,367,262 :e:2775 0,175,389,291,490,352 :e:5629 0,204,355,236,388,126,448,312 :e:1913 0,298,218,215,762,237 :e:1997 0,196,202,440,469,338,375,156
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