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  1. 6 hours ago, jason said:


    I'm having a bit of a tough time. I'm not sure if my shield is not new enough, my shield software is not new enough, or they somehow broke compatibility. I'm building some beta software, I'll post it here for you. Risk is minimal, I've just added a GUI controller with the buttons, and updated the firmware to support the 'netflix' key.

    Even with the original firmware, my shield is acting really funny. I don't remember if mine is one a grabbed from the lab there, or if I bought it. I'll post a link shortly. 



    I'll try it out when you are happy with the beta.  I will say this, when I used the old controller GUI and programmed those buttons, many buttons on the C4 no longer worked properly.  Through an update (app controls built into the new Shield - not the Shield itself) over the last week, some of those buttons have begun working again.  But it's still very slow.  So, it may be an app that allows the remote control to work that's the problem, but programming is not my background.

  2. Rojma, Control 4 remotes.

    When you start the FLIRC app for Windows, several remotes are there for standard models, including the 2017 Nvidia Shield remote for programming.  There has been no update for the 2019 remote, which is completely different.  So, what should I do?

  3. What is the best way to program all button functionality to match the new Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 remote with C4?  I was using 3.24.0 and upgraded the program hoping that the new remote would be there to program, but it's not.  Currently with the C4, I was able to control the NVidia Shield Pro 2017 with IR by a blaster driver installed in C4.  Switching to the new Shield and remote, I attempted to program, but not all buttons on the C4 work as they did previously.


    Ryan Dalrymple

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