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  1. Dave_O.  That's an interesting idea,  Have you actually made it work with this OTG cable?  The company says both legs cannot work at the same time.  Which I think means that when you are using an IR remote, the Flirc USB will transfer the command, but while that's happening, power to the stick will be cut off.  Will this not cause problems? Or am I interpreting this wrong?



    I expect that power is a constant on both legs of the cable.

    There is no chip in that cable to do any switching, so the "both legs cannot work at the same time" comes into effect if you had two devices sending data to a single host.

  2. Hey Budwizer, what is that qwerty remote in your first post?

    Were you able to program the qwerty part of it?


    I bought VU+ qwerty remote and cannot program the qwerty side, flirc is completely confused and cannot distinguish those keys one from the other....

    It's this one.  Yes I was able to program it, up to the memory limit of the original Flirc device.


    Still looking forward to this function, as it solves everything.  My sound comes from a surround sound unit, but I use a HTPC as my only media device. So, if I were to program the volume buttons on the Vizio remote as the volume control for the PC I would have nothing left uncontrolled.  Other than power for the sound I suppose. haha

  3. WOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!    How 'bout that 2016, HUH?!!?



    Hey man, did this ever get implemented?

    I was taking a look around and things seemed to have died down around the time I got busy and couldn't logon like I was.  Looks like I landed here just in time in 2015.  Maybe now that I'm back, the crowd will follow me back in.  =D

  4. That add-on was written by a single person, nearly a year ago now.  Gotham only just came out this year and officially release this month.  I imagine there may be compatibility issues between the two.


    Also, it was written more for something like OpenElec where the user may not have a desktop with which to program the device, so the issue may be with Win8, or both.

  5. http://www.xbmchub.com/forums/threads/9749-HOW-TO-GET-ANY-REMOTE-CONTROL-TO-FULLY-WORK-WiTH-YOUR-OUYA


    Ok.  Here's a little walkthrough I found on editing the button info for the OUYA



    What I think you'll have to do here is open the text file that the OP talks about and either add in your button that you want from your remote to open the Home Menu, or replace the Y button with it.  As far as what code the OUYA will read that button as.... I think that's what KeyTest is for.


    So, you'll have to bind the button you want, to the key you want "F3 you said works on your keyboard but does nothing on the Flirc, so use that), then press the button on the remote with KeyTest open.


    Sorry, it's such a pain, but this is the best I can find on it.


    Someone on there said this video helped them out as well.

  6. Strange, that mode should definitely be sending out signals on those buttons.  Could you use your phone's camera to watch the emitter and make sure it is sending out signals when you press the buttons?


    If it's sending out signals, your Flirc should definitely pick it up. Heck, it even picks up light bulbs and other sources by accident!   :P 

  7. What error are you getting when you try to program a button?  Button Already Exists, or, Not Room For New Buttons?




    I'm still looking for the firmware stuffs.


    Do you have the XBMC Profile activated?  From what I've read it's paired to the Harmony One, specifically, so the codes pre-programmed in may be mish-mashed codes of what your Harmony Ultimate is sending out.

  8. I wonder.... Is the setting, remote sends keyboard presses checked on?




    maybe I need to re-upgrade to Win8 to test stuff.  I had it installed when the upgrade was $15 but it was so unstable and full compatibility issues that I went right back to Win7 inside of a week.  But I plan on Dual-booting SteamOS on my HTPC soon and care more about that.  :P



    ANYWAY!   If it works, then it obviously works, but there seems to be a compatibility issue somewhere.  What's your version of XBMC?

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