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  1. I just updated my gen-2 (dori) and both my gen-1 to the latest through v3.25.1 (Windows 10) - the firmware upgrade was successful all 3 times. However:

    • With the gen-2, my Harmony remote controlling LibreELEC (Kodi) suddenly lost the buttons: play, pause, stop and a few others - the remote was transmitting but Kodi was not responding.
    • With the gen-1, they have been fine except every time I run the GUI it tells me I have to update from 3.11 to 3.12 - it was successful and applying the file from earlier in this thread has not fixed it.

    I've reprogrammed the missing keys for the gen-2 using the GUI with the Kodi profile, but I have no idea why this has happened seeing as with the other gen-1 were both fine. I've never in the past 5 years needed to do this after any update and the gen-2 worked straight out of the box when I got it, after first updating it to the latest firmware at the time.

    I also tried to load an old configuration from some time back and it made no difference - not even sure if it was a save from the gen-1 or the gen-2 to be honest.

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