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  1. Hello Flirc support team, Can Flirc send Android Keycode via USB to Android STB? One method is using ADB. What I want to do is, I want to use extended Android Keycode which is not allocated standard Android. I cant customize Android software of the STB. My understanding is, Flirc sends HID USB Keycode via USB, then Android firmware convert it to Android Keycode. For example, Keyboard UpArrow Flirc sends HID USB Usage page 0x07 / ID 0x52 Android firmware convert it to Android Keycode 0x13 (KEYCODE_DPAD_UP) There are some extended Android Keycode with the STB, like 0x232C. But there is no HID USB Keycode for that as standard. So I want to send Android Keycode 0x232C directly. Best Regards, Susumu Sato
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