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  1. Happy user here, but want to clarify what I've learnt before I apply that to my friends system.

    When I originally was fooling around with my system, I achieved a perfect result.  At some stage I erased the flirc (model 1) and while my setup is good there's a small glitch occasionally.

    My system is Flirc in an NVidia Shield (plus other unrelated stuff), controlled by a Harmony 650.  The Harmony thinks it controls a Flirc-Kodi and Flirc-Shield, amongst other things which gets the job done.  My problem is the "Shield home/menu" button.  I think I ended up having to "teach" the Harmony what that button does, so had to program the Flirc to respond to whatever that command is.  It's glitchy when I use the button that replicates the Shield "Menu" button - sometimes correct, sometimes the task switcher, sometimes a black screen...

    I suspect when I "erased" the Flirc I killed a default config - is that true?  Can I reload the default config?


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