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  1. So this did not help. I unchecked all but FireTV on FLIRC1 and all but kodi on FLIRC2. Commands are still going to both FLIRCs. However the workaround (as goofy as it is) that I mentioned earlier works fine. To fix this I created a new device in Harmony (Sony TV using a random model I got off their website). I then replaced the FLIRC2 device with my fakeSonyTV device in the activity. I made sure all the buttons I wanted to use had commands assigned (in Harmony software). I then synced this bogus device to my remote and started the activity that uses it. Now I opened FLIRC program and manually set the buttons on the Kodi profile to match the buttons I want on the remote. Now it's working like a champ. It looks like the problem is the FLIRC profile in harmony. Looks like no matter what you put for device, it's sending the same IR codes. It is amazing to me just how far ahead logitech harmony is compared to competitors and yet how bad it still is. Here's the not so TLDR for what worked for me. 1. Create a "fake device" in Harmony software. Pick a brand you don't already have. I used a random Sony TV 2. Still in Harmony software, make sure your fake device has commands mapped to the buttons you want to use. If not, map a command to it. Note the command doesn't matter because it's all getting remapped anyway in the FLIRC software 3. Still in Harmony software, assign your fake device to the activity you want to use the second FLIRC in. 3. Sync your remote 4. On Remote itself, unplug it and go to activity you want to use second flirc on. 5. Open flirc software, go to profile you want matched to this flirc 6. Click the buttons in FLIRC gui and then click button on remote that you want to perform that function. (so click 1 on flirc gui then press the 1 key on your remote)
  2. That is great to know, Yawor. I will try this as soon as I can.
  3. Alright I think I found my answer here. Sounds like Harmony profile sends same IR signal for FLIRC profile. So to get around this I need to pick a random profile for a device I don't have and program the FLIRC GUI manually for the second FLIRC. Here is key notes from this thread for me: Flirc doesn't have a notion of activities on your remote. It doesn't know which activity you've selected. What we've trying to tell you is that: You choose two device profiles you set up on your remote. It can't be one of the Flirc profiles (like Flirc/Kodi or Flirc/FireTV etc) because both Flircs are going to respond to these. You can, for example, select an LG TV for one Flirc and Panasonic TV for another. You should also take into account what actual devices you own. So if you actually have an LG TV then don't use that one for Flirc, because both your TV and the Flirc would then react at the same time. After you've chosen 2 device profiles you want to use for your Flircs, connect a single Flirc to your PC, select one of the profiles on the remote and use Flirc GUI to map buttons on the remote to functions/keyboard shortcuts you want to control your FireTV. Disconnect first Flirc, connect second one and select the second device profile on the remote. Repeat button learning, but this time for functions to control your PS4. Use these two device profiles in your Harmony activities anyway you like. I'll try this tonight and update.
  4. My setup is an Amazon firetv with a flirc and a Harmony 655 remote that have worked fine together. Recently I wanted to add a FLIRC to my HTPC with the same remote. In Harmony software I have two devices (FLIRC firetv and FLIRC kodi- they both show as flirc media player). The problem is both the HTPC and the FireTV are picking up the same commands. Which is wreaking havok on whichever device isn't currently active. Any ideas?
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