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  1. I've deleted Flirc device from the Device Manager, ticked the checkbox to delete its drivers. I've uninstalled Flirc software and checked that there's no Flirc folder in the Program Files remains. Then I've installed the latest Flirc app and it has started to work without the issue. So, it seems the issues comes from the app update.
  2. I'll try at the weekend. I can add that I've launched the latest Flirc app many times and all the time it shows disconnected status, but one time it became connected. I don't know how it happened and I can't reproduce it since then. There can be some sort of conflict or race condition.
  3. I should notice that I don't have any issues with all of the other USB-devices, such as Bluetooth adapter, mouse/keyboard receiver or USB-CEC adapter. They all work as before. Why is Flirc so special?
  4. Any update on the issue? @jason, can you return the previous version of the software until the issue will be resolved?
  5. I have the same issue after updating the Flirc GUI app to the latest version (v3.22.4).
  6. 1. It's a FLIRC-SE. 2. One For All URC 6440, it's an universal remote, and I've selected a profile for some LG TV that uses all of the keys and doesn't use alternate codes for successive presses. 3. I don't think that it's a new model. 4. it will be done later.
  7. No, there is standard Kodi layout in Flirc and standard key layout in Kodi, nothing special. There should be no long-press actions (e.g., for navigation keys) but they are.
  8. Do you mean that Kodi interprets fast successive key-presses as a long-press action? I don't understand where that long-press action comes from.
  9. I have an issue with Kodi - if there is a fast sequence of press/release actions for a button, Kodi sometimes treats it as a long-press action and does something that I don't need. Can it be a consequence of that new feature?
  10. Is it possible to map a button of a remote control to some unique custom event that EventGhost could handle? I mean an event that will not coincide with other (standard) system events, e.g., it will not be treated as a keyboard key-press or a multimedia control event as it is now.
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