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  1. Hi memeteam How did you rename the "Power Off" control on the Harmony to "Power Toggle" ? I do not see an option to do this within the Harmony software. Under “buttons” options I can select “PowerOff” to fix a command but nothing to rename as you suggested. I’m aware you can add the “PowerToggle” command and train it, but even then I don’t see an option to delete the preconfigured flirc “PowerOff” command from the list, this is pretty much the issue I had when I was initially setting up the software. Am I missing something? (For reference i'm using a Harmony Remote One+ remote)
  2. Many thanks for your suggestion, obviously your solution relies in renaming "Power Off" to "Power Toggle" something I never considered. I had tried a few things but in the end my workaround was to create my own Device and train all the harmony buttons based on old remote I had, the solution works but notice it's a bit sluggish at times, this was the only way I could program my Harmony Activities to turn on/off devices independently. I'm looking forward to going back to the preconfigured Flirc configuration you have suggested, I will post back after testing your solution, but it looks logical. Thanks for taking the time and effort in posting your solution.
  3. I have just replaced my Flirc with the Flirc SE for the additional power related functions with my HTPC case. I setup the Harmony power button with the Flirc v3.5.2 software as follows:- Controllers > Flirc Streacom Edition > Click Key to Start Recording > Selected Power Button (Only option) I then pressed the Power button on the Harmony Remote, the button is registered and HTPC is shut down. The HTPC Activity correctly turns on/off the PC as required along with other equipment, but unfortunately all other Activity's also turn on the HTPC regardless if it's required or not within the selected Activity. e.g. Watch TV Activity also turns on the HTPC (but it's not required) I have browsed the net and the Flirc forums and unable to find a solution. Thanks in Advance
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