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  1. Alright, I'm using FLIRC with my Android Shield TV and it works flawlessly. Only thing I'm missing is the volume up/down/mute buttons which I'd like to bind to my OneForAll remote.


    Is this possible somehow? The flirc interface on windows only lists the basic buttons, and I know the actual shield buttons are only activated via motion.




  2. On 18/01/2018 at 8:43 PM, yawor said:




    The Samsung code is working great. Afterwards I just manually binded the few select keys from my Sony remote and it's created one of the best remote setups I've had in years. Super happy .Thanks!

  3. 21 minutes ago, yawor said:

    OneForAll remotes are universal remotes. You should have a user manual with yours, which explain how to program multiple different devices on it. Just select a different device button on your remote, program it to some different device than your TV and use that device to program your Flirc.

    If you want more information then you need to provide more info yourself. At least what is the exact model of the remote?

    So even though I don't own any more devices (other than my TV and PC) I should still be able to pair a random device as a dummy and send signals to flirc?


    I'll give it a try today. The model is Essense 4 URC 7140.

  4. I just got one of these remotes and it's one of the best I've used in terms of button layout and feel.

    Works great with FLIRC and my TV. Does anyone know if there's a way to pair it with my FLIRC device seperately from my Sony TV? (to seperate the inputs)



  5. 1 hour ago, jason said:

    Can you elaborate what this means: "It seems to be getting confused and not registering any keys properly... Other remotes that aren't connected to my TV work fine."

    Make sure you're on the latest firmware. We're on v4.4.2, and that has some fixes for sony remotes.


    I'm on firmware 4.1 but the GUI doesn't detect any update.

    11 minutes ago, yawor said:

    Are you trying to use your original TV remote you're using to also control your TV, to also control your HTPC? Does this remote has any universal remote control capability? If not then both your TV and HTPC (through Flirc) will see the same signal and react to it - both devices may execute some actions upon pressing some buttons.

    Basically, when I bind a button to the Sony remote, it doesn't register and the signal seems to get eaten by the TV instead of sending it to the FLIRC device.

    The buttons I was hoping to use with flirc didn't really do any universal functions on the TV while in HDMI input mode so I had hopes it would work fine.

  6. I'm having issues trying to use flirc with my Sony TV's remote.

    I was hoping it could turn my tv on/off but then use flirc to send inputs over to my HTPC.

    It seems to be getting confused and not registering any keys properly... Other remotes that aren't connected to my TV work fine.


    Any workarounds for this? 




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