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  1. It's all good. Since I knew it worked before I upgraded firmware (although it could be any combination of Logitech stuff, etc.) I basically nuked everything from the Flirc install, Harmony install, as well as all the programmed remote settings. I reinstalled everything, upgraded all the firmware, updated all logitech software, and then re-customized remotes/activities. All good now! Thanks! I didn't want to spend time debugging each element to figure out what broke what! It's back to normal now. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Basically same as the original post: 1. I have a Kodi on PC, Harmony Hub, Harmony Remote, and Flirc plugged into PC. 2. Now any button press on the Remote, sends a wake up to PC. Even the Watch TV button which is programmed to turn on TV and Receiver WILL WAKE the PC. This didn't happen before the upgrade. Thanks, danO
  3. Just a follow up question, I'm having the same issue and I have: FLIRC USB (2nd Generation) Universal Remote Control Receiver for Media Centers and Set Top Boxes I have the latest firmware and when I go into Advanced menu, my sleep options are "GREYED OUT" and not available to choose. Please help. I'm now having the FLIRC turn on my Media PC with any button press or activity from my Harmony Hub/Remote. Thanks in advance!
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