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  1. HP Windows RC1804905/06 Media Center Remote Says my firmware is not supported , but theres nothing newer when i update apt.
  2. I don't know how to do the first thing. As to the second if you mean if i held down the down key would t scroll down til i released it, the answer is yes
  3. Another firmware upgrade and it is still doing it. :/ Should I try downgrading to see what release this started.?
  4. I shall. Im in the middle of trying to figure out why my Kodi backup won't restore properly, so I reckon ill be up all night.
  5. All sorts of weird things started happening on the computer I was doing the recording on. Can't tell if the keys are less sensitive... Maybe I'm so used to the slow remote it will take a couple days to adjust.
  6. So I just upgraded to 4.1 firmware on my nice new v2 Flirc dongle. And now, my keys are wayyyyyy too sensitive. Is there something I can edit to slow them down? Its just a regular old HP mce remote. Before it was too slow. Looking for the Goldilocks solution.
  7. If you have to ask, you more than likely don't need it. It's just the extension for packages used by Debian, and it's various forks. ( Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc)
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