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  1. Thanks. If I can help with some experiment you want me to do or send data dump, just say so. In the meanwhile I tried with a newer Hauppauge (). That one works fine. But this one was never used before and laying around in storage a long time for a reason. The color buttons (heavily used in vdr) are far away from the arrow buttons, very uncomfortable to reach. Thats why I don't like it, But at least I can operate my new vdr by remote now :-) (old one broke some days ago) So I still would be very interested in a solution for the other model. And: thanks for Flirc! Much easier than soldering and configuring the Lirc stuff I used before.
  2. Hello, I tried to program a Flirc (v1, firmware 3.8) with a older Hauppauge Remote. (looking like this: ) At first everything looked fine (after I discovered I need to teach every button twice). But a small number of buttons misbehave :-( After a while of debugging I can reproduce the following: - clear everything - teach "up" two times - teach "0" two times. Second time it says "Button already exist".Testing 0 now alternates between "0" and "up" response. Same happens with yellow. These three buttons seem to be connected somehow. I tried around with the advanced settings also, but could not find a solution. So it looks I need to get another remote (a pitty, I got used to this one) Has anybody else seen this behaviour? Any idea how to fix it?
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