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  1. Seconding this - I have downloaded and installed many times in the past but today both Firefox & Chrome are detecting malware in the latest hosted windows installer. Interestingly, when I installed that version (downloaded through edge which detected nothing), there was an update anyway... So why isn't the latest version hosted for download directly?
  2. Thanks for this - this is what I needed as well. But surely, a profile named 'Full Keyboard' ought to actually have the numpad keys presented for easier programming, right? Alternatively, this works for GNOME: Super+Shift+← Move the current window one monitor to the left. Super+Shift+→ Move the current window one monitor to the right.
  3. Press to hold repeat works for me but only if the entire waveform is completely repeated. Some press and hold transmits only send a partial keep-alive style repeat command that doesn't fully distinguish it from a single press. I have the whole waveform captured and can tell I am transmitting the entire code however flirc only recognizes the first transmit if the preamble isn't set to be 100% of the code.
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