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  1. no i didnth think was supposed to and i dont know how i am to use at-163 and a nvidia shield profile to harmony software . i added at-163 on harmony software and nvidia shield profile on flirc ?
  2. hi using harmony 650 as for button to power it of i dont know exacty. ive followed your instructions ,but you dont mention anything about configuring a power of button using flirc , i presumed the back button configured in flirc would take controll of that as on original nvidia remote press and hold back button brings up shutdown menu pop up , but not when using harmony 650 it seems its only registerred as a single press back button, holding the back button does nothing except go back , i dont see how i can assign an actual key in harmony software to shut down as you cant register a key command from nvidia remote as its not ir unless im missing something any ideas ?
  3. ixian can you help please . i have 16gb 2017 version i was having same issue as other member above with device not turning off, everything else works but it just wont turn of so i followed the above instructions , i have deleted activity and device ViewTV AT-163 . synced device to clear it ive added device ViewTV AT-163 and created actvity, ive wiped the flirc and re registered nvidia controlls in flirc manually , ive added only info key and c context menu key for kodi. everything working fine but it will not turn of , could i be missing something ?
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