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  1. Jason, Your response speaks VOLUMES. No status update on the progress (or lack there of), no ETA for long key presses. If I remember correctly you were waiting on info from Amazon, update? When you check this blog at least once a week for many many months and there is nothing but crickets, one may get a little frustrated. I specifically purchased a FireTV box for Playstation VUE and specifically purchased your Flirc so I could use a Harmony One remote so only one remote is required. I understand you may be busy, no problem, then just provide REGULAR status updates. I believe that there are a lot of people interested in this feature. Maybe ask your customers what new feature, fix, etc. is most important to them so you can prioritize your limited time to satisfy to largest number of your customers. FYI, I like Flirc, but long key presses would make me LOVE it.
  2. This a follow up to my problem. I tried using a Harmony 650 with the same setup and it fixed the 3 sec. delay/no auto repeat problem for the left/right keys. To setup the 550 you have to use the Logitech Harmony Remote Setup software instead of the MyHarmony website. I was wondering if there is a possible inconsistency for the Flirc between the two software configuration programs. I like the 550 because it has the sound and picture setup keys and has sequences, which was originally not available on the 650, but I see Logitech has added sequences for the 650. The only remaining problem that I have is with the Menu key. I use Playstation VUE with displays a mini menu on a long Menu key press (> 1 sec). The mini menu provides last channel, TV guide, search, and explore options. I'm assuming that the FireTV remote sends a key down and key up for the long key press. Does anyone know what is the key sequence FireTV uses for the Menu key. I tried hooking up a keyboard and tried all the keys but none of them brought up the menu. I believe that this forum said that F12 should bring up the menu but it didn't work for me. Also could I use the Flirc record_api interface to specify a key down/key up designation? If I could, I should be able to create a Logitech sequence to duplicate a long Menu key press. I also saw that long key presses are supposed to be coming soon. Any idea if this would solve my problem and how long is soon?
  3. Hello. I'm new to the forum. I read this whole thread and didn't find a solution so I'm hoping that someone can provide me some guidance. Just got a FireTV box V2, a Flirc USB V2, and Playstation VUE in order to cut the "Cable TV Cord". So far I'm very happy with everything, but as usual with a new setup there a few "wrinkles to iron out". I'm using a Logitech Harmony One 550 remote. I've downloaded the lastest Flirc GUI which upgraded the Flirc USB to the latest firmware (I don't remember the exact version number but can provide it if necessary). The problem that I'm having is that the left and right keys are VERY slow. It takes ~3 secs. each time I press the key. Also these keys don't auto repeat if I hold the key down. The remote lights up for the full 3 secs. so I believe that the remote is transmitting for the full time. All the other FireTV keys (up, down, etc.) are instantaneousl (< 1 sec.) and auto repeat. I'm tried setting up the 550 in MyHarmony as a Media Center PC, Flirc, Model FireTV and Model XBMC and have the same problem with both configurations. I've tried adjusting the timing setting (inter key delay and duplicate key timingin) in MyHarmony but it didn't fix/change the problem. I haven't tried changing the delay in the Flirc GUI.
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