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  1. Switched from Ubuntu to Kubuntu and everything works fine in KDE instead of Gnome. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have a logitech k400 keyboard and get the same circle with a line through it when I hit play pause as well. So at least now I know it must be ubuntu. Thanks for the tip. I will keep trying
  3. No ideas anyone? I still have not been able to resolve.
  4. Recently built a new AMD Raven Ridge pc dual booted with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 the flirc works as expected in Windows but in Ubuntu on a lot of keys such as play or stop I just get a circle with a line through it. I also have another pc with librelec and the flirc works perfect their as well. I have 2 flrics and can switch them from pc to pc witht he same result. Any ideas? This is with a Harmony 650 remote.
  5. Yes same here using libreelec. After waking I have to pull the flirc out of the usb port and reinsert to be able to navigate in Kodi. Rebooting does not even work.
  6. So I finally got this working not sure why this is the case, but to use the back button or the menu button, I have to actually first select devices on the remote and then the flirc media player. Every other button besides these two work right away when when starting the activity. Does anyone know why this is? I have been using harmony remotes for years with windows computers (have 3 in the house all using harmony remotes) and have never had to change to a certain activity for some buttons to work. At least this now works, I have been beating myself up for days trying to figure this out.
  7. I just purchased a flirc to use on a gigabyte brix with libreelec. I am having problems with the menu key and the back button. I have used flirc/kodi in the my harmony app. Everything works great except for those two buttons. I have used both the flirc gui and the kodi keymap editor. Neither of them recognize the key press from either the menu button or back button. I am however able to program these functions to the colored buttons on the harmony 650 but would like to use the buttons I am used to. These two buttons work fine with windows, any ideas are greatly appreciated.
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