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  1. Signals sent on [CBL] button do not work or work sporadically. Signals sent on [DVD] button require 2 clicks to work or to be recorded. Signals sent on [TV] button work 100% of the time. Unfortunately, the [GUIDE], [PGUP], [PGDN] buttons only work on [CBL]. In addition, the [>>], [<<], [RECORD], [PLAY], [PAUSE] buttons are assigned to [DVD]. Reassigning the buttons to [TV] via KEYMOVER (remote's own custom programming) doesn't work at all.
  2. Well. I'm now at a dead-end with these two remotes. They are brand new remotes. I have disabled all custom programming on both of them but I'm still having issues with FLIRC acknowledging the remote's signals. I'm running the latest FLIRC firmware and software. The HTPC is running Raspbian + Pixel with MythFrontEnd on a brand new RPi3. FLIRC does record the signals w/o any problems. I get a list of the keys via, "flirc_util keys" command and all of the keys are correctly listed. I press [UP] or [DOWN] and nothing happens. I stand next to the dongle, press the keys but nothing happens. Sometimes, FLIRC responds but it is rare. I retried everything with the other Charter remote but the results are the same. I get a non-Charter remote; I record the signals and everything works fine. Perfect. I have cleared the configuration and re-record the signals but nothing seems to work. I even tested one single key [9]. I record it and press the [9] key, nothing. I do the same thing with the non-Charter remote, and a "9" shows up on the console. Can it be the Charter remotes? It is possible but for two to be defective seems to be an impossibility...
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