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  1. Very frustrating for us at home as Kodi with PVR backend is my living room primary TV service. This problem only occurs on the back button but that button is used all the time so we're constantly having to give the button the quickest tap possible to stop it duplicating the key press and exiting kodi completely!

    Actually I don't know if that helps in solving the problem but I can "fix" it by pressing the back button as quickly as possible. If you press it at a comfortable speed I get two instances of [browser_back].

  2. I've been having the double press problem for months now and it's driving everyone mad!


    Harmony 350 with default Flirc/Kodi profile.
    3 more buttons programmed and added to keyboard.xml 
    Fire TV


    Only seems to happens with the back button which I believe maps to browser_back in the default harmony/flirc/kodi setup
    Also replicate-able when the Flirc is plugged into my PC without Kodi - using multiple tabs in Notepad++ the back button cycles tabs twice on a single press.
    If you tap the button VERY quick, the problem doesn't occur on either PC & N++ or FireTV & Kodi.

    Things tried

    Set the key delay in Flirc to both 0 and 7. 
    Set Harmony repeat value to 0.
    Re-installed Kodi 16 and 17.
    Re-configured the Harmony
    Upgraded Flirc Firmware

  3. Hi

    I'm using a FTV with Flirc, a Harmony and Kodi. I'm trying to get it setup so that the controls in Kodi match the controls in Fire TV. At present the directions and Enter work but none of the others like fast forward do.

    If I had the keyboard shortcuts used by the Fire TV for ff/rw/back/playpause/menu I could modify the keyboard.xml in kodi to use those keys for the same functions and then set flirc to them.

  4. Hi,

    Am I right in thinking the following:

    • When selecting Flirc/Kodi in MyHarmony you're actually setting (most of) the buttons to certain IR codes?
    • By default the Flirc is pre-programmed with these IR codes in the Kodi profile so there's no need to "fire" them at the Flirc?

    If so, can I ask a few questions?

    What are the IR codes based on in the MyHarmony preset, given Flirc isn't a physical remote?

    As they're not from a physical remote couldn't you have generated codes for all buttons on the remote, including "Guide" and "Menu", so they could be used in Kodi for EPG etc, without having to now find a spare physical remote to teach the Harmony and then to set the Flirc?

    If the Flirc has these codes pre-installed in its Kodi profile, what happens if you overwrite or erase them in the Flirc GUI? Can you reset them back without manually setting them from that point onwards?


    Sorry for the questions. Some of these are out of curiosity, some are because I'm surprised you had preset IR codes already in the Flirc\Flirc GUI (if that's indeed true) and some are because I want to clarify things before having to add the extra Kodi functions to the remote. As I said, it's shame these haven't been added yet. Maybe a feature request? ;)




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