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  1. This was fixed in firmware version 3.8, I suppose. I was on 3.6, and when I went to Advanced > Force FW upgrade, then it took me to 3.8 and now my ctrl and alt keys work just fine.
  2. When using the FLIRC Full Keyboard, the control and alt keys do not match my keyboards control and alt keys. If I pull up the Full Keyboard, I can press any keys on my keyboard and they light up, except the control and alt keys. When I press CTRL or ALT on my computers keyboard, none of the keys light up on the FLIRC Full Keyboard. When I set keys as control and alt on the FLIRC, they do not perform the same way the CTRL and ALT keys do on my computers keyboard. Many of the applications that I want to use with FLIRC require these two keys and it is making it difficult to use the device without them. Is there a way to find out why the control and alt keys on the Full Keyboard do not work the same as my computers CTRL and ALT keys? Windows 10 box, but I had this same issue with Windows 7, I just never thought to ask for help on it.
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