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  1. yes - same behaviour here. i´m also already on 3.8. Re-Recording doesnt help. When i hold my Home Button with FLIRC i still got the App Launcher menu on Fire-TV.
  2. Hello! I use a Harmony 950 with FLIRC and Fire TV2. In the Harmony Software i added a "FLIRC -> Fire TV" Device, which works great. The Home-Button also works great, but i have the following Problem: When i HOLD the Home-Button on the original Remote, there comes an overlay, where i can activate the Sleep-mode of the Fire-TV. But when i hold the Home-Button with the Harmony, i cant reach the Sleep-mode, because the Harmony sends the home-button several times, when i hold the Home-Button. Has anybody an idea how i can solve this issue? Thank you.
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