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  1. Due to the lack of response, the device has now been returned, as its useless. To buyers: Beware that the developers appear to have abandoned this project, and the device may, or may not work for you. Make sure you're able to return it, if you find it not working as advertised. JJ
  2. Been in contact with the reseller, pihut, and got an RMA number. If nothing positive materializes from the developers, the device goes back. JJ
  3. No. We've been fiddling around eliminating external components to the flirc for a week now. I dont care if device works with a different remote and/or a different OS and/or different key combinations. Note: I specifically bough the device to be used with my kenwood remote on a Windows 7 computer, the various marketing material for the device states this is not an issue. Issue is with flirc and/or the firmware on it. A replacement (older/newer) firmware is needed, and preferably debug information from the device to understand what it is doing and why, else it goes back to the reseller as it is useless. JJ
  4. Covered the flirc device with my hand and the remote in my pocket, still repeats. Tested on two desktop computers, Windows 7 & Windows 10. Same problem on both; "d" repeats "forever" after 3rd press of "Volume up" on the remote. I believe both computers are grounded. JJ
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply. It only stops repeating when the flirc device is unplugged. Remote is hidden / removed. Remote originally came with the www.empeg.com. Remote also worked with an IRToy device, before the IRToy died. I've attached the config file I created/used with winlirc. There were no repeat issues when used with the empeg or winlirc. This may, or may not, be of any help: http://www.riocar.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=Developer_Info&file=index&myfaq=yes&id_cat=11&categories=Device+Input%2FOutput#35 JJ KCA-R6A.conf Edit: Also tested by removing the battery from the remote and covering it to be 100% sure the remote is not transmitting. Still repeats and does not stop until I unplug the flirc device.
  6. Bump? If item one can't be resolved, then the device is useless to me and I'll need to return it. Item two can be resolved using EventGhost to listen for one hotkey and send out another, not ideal and not what I had hoped for, but should work. JJ
  7. Hi! Just bought a flirc device and programmed one key, (volume up on kenwood kca-r6a) to do a "left_alt D". First press of the button and a d appears on screen. Press button again and a 2nd d appears. Press for a 3rd time and a 3rd d appears. About 100ms later, a lot of d's and it does not stop. In other words, after pressing the same button 3 times it continually repeats the button. firmware is 3.8. Is this a known bug / issue? 2nd problem is with hotkeys that use more than one combination, see https://www.centrafuse.com/documentation/centrafuse/hotkeys. For volume up, I need "ALT-D4". Have I made a mistake and flirc can't actually perform this key combination (macro?) Or are there test utilities / firmware versions that can do this? (Note that while its technically possible to change the hotkeys Centrafuse uses, it breaks plugins/modules that expect the default hotkeys to work, as a result I need to be able to enter the hotkeys as per the link) Help/assistance on both appreciated! JJ
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