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  1. Found it... How about integrating the record line by a Dialog Box in the GUI's menue? Checkboxes for the modifiers and a Textbox for the HID number. And a record button.
  2. GUI 1.4.3 Firmware 3.7 Windows 10 I am teaching a button ( doesn't matter which one ) on XBOX One Remote ( the small black ) for Keyboarfd \. When testing that Button, the number 3 is pressed. EDIT: Keyboard layouts are the problem. On a german keyboard the # is located where the backslash is on a english one. And the # is on 3 on a english one. So it teaches the \, but presses the #.... I am just fiddling it out. I should not teach the buttons with the english letters on the GUI shown, I should go for the button location where the letter is on my keyboard location.
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