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  1. Hi all,

    I finally got the solution for the strange behaviour described above: the devices stored in my Harmony remote (including the Flirc one) were not sending IR codes.

    The problem was in the way those devices were set up in the Harmony software.

    As you may read here:


    "By default, Harmony hub-based products send IR commands to your devices from the hub, and from both IR mini blasters (if connected) at the same time. IR commands are not sent from the remote, however you may change this.This may be required if your set-top box, AV receiver, and other devices are in a separate location from your television, such as in a closet or at the back of your living room. You may position the hub next to those devices while controlling your television directly from the remote".

    So what I did was to change the assignment of the “Flirc Media Player” device so the remote sends its IR codes.

    Now, I guess I will be able to customize the Flirc device.

    Thanks again guys for your help and patience.


  2. Thanks both Videonisse and yawor for your interest.

    Sorry I have not come here until today. I travel a lot on Monday to Friday, and I hardly ever have time on weekends to seat in front of the computer.

    OK. Here’s what I have found out (thanks both for the hints): I currently have 8 devices (TV, BD player, AV receiver, Xbox One…) set up in my Harmony profile. Al those 8 devices are used in different activities.

    Obviously, among those 8 devices there is the one named “Flirc Media Player” that I add following the instructions here: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200712568-Logitech-Harmony-Remotes

    Well, as I said in my previous messages, this device (Flirc Media Player) did not work “out of the box” with all the commands.

    AFAIK now, this was for 2 main reasons:

    1. My keyboard.xml file in Kodi was NOT the standard one. That is, if I pressed the screen button “next subtitle” nothing happened because I was sending the “L” keyboard letter but in my Kodi version this key was NOT mapped. The solution was easy: I edited the keyboard.xml file to be “L” the key to change subtitles.


    2. Not all the commands that appear in the Flirc Media Player device in Harmony have actually a proper IR code (thanks Videonisse for point me this out). Eg: it seems that the screen button “audio next language” does NOT send any IR code.


    The solution for 2), I thought, had to be easy as well: I select the device “Flirc Media Player” in the screen of my Harmony remote. I run the Flirc software, I select the “Full keyboard” preset and I try to record the “N” (which is the one that changes the audio in my current keyboard.xml file) pressing the screen button “audio next language”… and nothing happens. So I try the phone trick suggested by yawor: and bingo! No IR code is sent from that device when I press this button.

    So the problem is NOT this screen button (“audio next language”) sending an incorrect IR code, but NOT sending anything at all. OK, so just to make sure, I grab the phone, I turn on the camera, and I press several buttons on this device that I know for sure that are working ok (eg: “next subtitle”, or “play”, “pause”…). And guess what? The camera says that no IR code is being sent.

    I try other devices in my remote (TV, AV receiver, Xbox…) and I got the same result: there is NOT any IR code being sent from those devices, which is crazy because all those devices (partially including the Flirc one) are currently working OK with their activities. I have been watching a Blu Ray film today and I could control my TV, AV receiver and BD player with my Harmony remote, which means that they were actually sending proper IR codes, do not they?


    Strange thing, is not it?... Ok, wait for a second because it will become even weirder: I told you that I had 8 devices set up in my Harmony remote, right?.

    So one of those devices is named “Microsoft Media Player” and it was used to control my previous HTPC with Kodi running under Windows. I forgot to delete it, and just in case, I tried to record the “N” key using one button of THIS specific device… and guess what?... Yep, it worked… I grabbed my phone, I did the camera thing, and… yep: two beautiful IR diodes started to blink every time that I press any key of this particular device…

    So, I just need to record some keyboard keys to match the functions defined in the keyboard.xml file (“N” for changing audios and so on)… pls, pls, pls… Is there any way to manage this??

    Thanks guys for your infinite patience.

  3. Sorry Videonisse, but I think I have not explained properly.

    The thing is that I am currently using a customized version of Kodi in which the keyboard.xml file has been modified. This means that only a few commands from the Flirc Media Player profile works out of the box (changing subtitles and audio is not possible because the keys used to perform those actions are not the ones stored in the Flirc presets).

    So, as far as I can see, I have 2 options now:

    1) I can use the Flirc software to paired one letter of the Flirc's "Full Keyboard" preset to a button of my Harmony remote. That is, if in my current Kodi version changing subtittles is done pressing the "D" key, using the Flirc software I select the "Full Keyboard" preset, I press the on screen "D" key, and when the <press the button to be paired with 'd'> message is shown, I press a button of my Harmony remote... and nothing happens... it seems that no IR code is sent to the Flirc USB receiver... I have tried different buttons of the remote (all of which had some function paired so a ) and I never get a positive result.

    2) I could edit the keyboard.xml of mi Kodi version to match the keys uded in the Flirc software. I can read in this guide which keys are paired to some functions: https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202923419-Controller-presets-in-Flirc-GUI

    Acording to this guide: "i" key is paired to "info" command in Kodi, "t" to "toggle subttiles" and so on... but there are many functions in the "Flirc media player" device in the Harmony software for which I do not know what key is sent... I mean, there is a an "Aspect ratio" function in the Flirc Media Player, but I do not know wich letter is sent when this buttons is pressed. And same thing for 90% of the functions shown in this Flirc Media Player device...

    So, to sum up:

    - Regarding point 1) - Am I doing something wrong when trying to paired one letter of any of the Flirc preset ("XBMC" or "Full keyboard") to my Harmony remote. Is there anyone owning a Harmony remote could explain me how to do that?

    - Concerning point 2) - is there any complete list of the keys that are sent when using the "Flirc Media Player" device with the Harmony remote?

    Thanks all for your kind patience.

  4. Hi all,

    I have just received my USB Flirc and I would like to edit some of the keys in the Kodi profile.

    So when I select one key of this profile (eg: "Toggle subtittles"), a message pop up saying <press the button to be paired with 'CC'>. So I press a button of my Harmony remote... and nothing happens. Flirc does not seem to recognize de commands coming from the Harmony remote. But if I take a standar RC197 remote, I can customize any key that I want...

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks all

    PS: sorry for my poor English 

  5. Hi all,

    I heard about Flirc in XBMC and Ubuntu forums and I love the idea behind this device. Congrats Jason!!

    Here the thing: I am very interested in Flirc but after reading all the product guides and searching in this forum I still have some doubts.

    First of all, let me tell you something about my HTPC: it has already an IRR sensor built in (this one: http://www.shop.perfecthometheater.com/Wesena-IR-receiver-IR-receiver.htm, but I am not really happy with it because it will NOT work with keyboards or devices that have an extended set of keys.

    I run Kodi under Ubuntu in this HTPC and my remote is a Harmony Ultimate (this one: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-ultimate-one) so emulating a keyboard is critical for me.

    So here are the questions:

    1) If I connect the Flirc USB to my HTPC, will my current built in sensor cause any kind of inteferences with the Flirc sensor? If so, do you know if there any to way to disable the internal IRR sensor via software so I do not have to open the case and remove it?

    2) I think I understood the basis about Flirc and Harmony remotes customization and I really feel that you made a GREAT job, but just in case: it is possible to modify this Flirc/Harmony profile son I can change keys and functions?

    3) Regarding the ability to turn on/off the HTPC, do this option depends on the Operative System (I am running Ubuntu 14.04 in my HTPC) or in the mainboard (I have this one: http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z170M-ITXac/)?

    I think that's all...

    Thanks all for your interest in reading this (I apologize for my poor English).


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