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  1. Hi Does anyone have experience getting a B&O Beo4 remote to control an Amazon fireTV box? I've trained the Flirc in my PC, but when inserted into the Amazon box, control via the Beo4 is erratic - working sometimes, but more often not, and when it does in an inconsistent way. Even list scrolling is erratic and often results in unexpected elections. I've updated firmware, erased configs and started over several times. This is all via line-of-sight from the Beo4 to the Amazon box, i've not yet routed the PUC eye to the Flirc, as I plan to do when I hide the Amazon box from sight. I've rwad some accounts that the Flirc finds B&O signals herd to read/replicate, but those threads are old and based on much older firmware. I've also heard B&O users on B&O forums having great success with Flirc controlling Amazon boxes. Those experience suggested reducing the interlay delay to 0, but I get the same issue. Indeed when programming the Flirc, I often get the "Key already assigned" errors which suggest overrun signals from the remote. Does anyone have any direct experience they could share or observations? My setup is a Amazon fireTV box (the newer 4K one), Flirc dongle with latest firmware applied, and a Beo4 remote controlling a Beovision11 Many thanks Tom
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