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  1. Hi Ryancharles, I've got a feeling there will be no solution. After 16 days still no clue as to what causes the problem or how this will be solved. As a paying customer this is not OK.
  2. Hi Jason, I already filled out the contact form a couple of weeks ago.
  3. While waiting for a solution I've build a mini arduino with IR sensor to do the job. Works perfectly.
  4. Clearing the device does not help. It says everything is cleared but stil doesn’t react. And the device manager shows in once so I guess this is ok.
  5. Hello Jason & Digitalb0y, Sorry I reacted a little annoyed, just want this thing to work. ;-) The GUI does detect the Flirc, it says connected every time I plug it in. When I click to record a key, indeed it gets stuck on that message. As I said in the mail, I've checked the IR sensors with a scope and they are working fine.
  6. Not a single reply? Great support Flirc, so I bought this for nothing.
  7. Hello, Just received my first Flirc, started mapping keys for Kodi. Everything seemed to work fine. When I tried to remap an extra key afterwards, flirc stopped responding and does net let me record keys anymore. Tried with 3 PC's & 4 different remotes. Device shows up in device manager as flirc though. Firmware was updated to 3.4 but the problem stays. Seems to not recognize IR anymore. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
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