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  1. Yes, but that seems to have changed for the 2nd gen.
  2. I have both a 2014 and a 2015 Fire TV, with 2 Flircs. I have a Harmony 880 and 890 configured for each respectively. Everything works as expected on the 2014 version. However, on the 2015 Fire TV, the "Home" function doesn't seem to work. The remote sends the correct signal because either remote will trigger Home on the 2014 TV. Also the wake/suspend works on 2014 but not on the 2015. Is this a known problem? Shouldn't the "Home" keyboard trigger be same on both devices?
  3. Fixed... for some reason setting up the activity didn't automatically define the buttons.
  4. None of the Flirc profiles (XBMC, Fire TV) in the Harmony 7.x software for Harmony 880 and 890 transmit any IR for any button (expect for TV/Receiver assignments). Has anyone gotten these remotes to work with the real Flirc profiles, instead of some other device?
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