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  1. I've trying to interface with a MiSTer (FPGA gaming device) and it requires keyboard shortcuts that only contain control keys without any normal keys. For example, one combination is LCtrl + RCtrl + RAlt. However, in the Flirc GUI it requires one normal key in additional to the control keys. Thanks for any help!
  2. Thanks very much for the information. It sounds like I'll need an IR emitter instead of a 3.5mm cable but I'll lower the output sensitivity on my automation controller. Also, do you know if there any certain remote control protocols that are faster than others? I'd like to optimize the response from Flirc to be as fast as possible. (my home automation system can also output any IR protocol, etc)
  3. I'm using a home automation controller with several 3.5mm IR outputs. These IR outputs are typically cables connected to IR emitters that you place on the front of your equipment so the controller can send IR commands to the different devices. However, some devices have an 3.5mm IR input which means I can connect a 3.5mm cable from my controller directly to my device and the IR commands are sent over the wire and do not require an emitter. Can any of the Flirc models be modified (?) to directly connect a 3.5mm cable to it? I'm just trying to avoid sticking an emitter on the Flirc.
  4. I've posted this question back in 2015 but didn't get a definite answer. Does anybody know what is the fastest (shortest?) IR protocol? I'm interested in rapid button presses from a remote control. (not holding down a button for repeats, but pressing the same physical button the repeat over and over) Anybody have any ideas?
  5. Does anybody know what is the fastest IR protocol? It seems like certain protocols are often faster than other protocols, so what is the best (fastest) protocol to use with Flirc? I'd trying to find something that can send keystrokes as fast as I can press buttons my remote control. (I'm using a universal remote control that can emulate any IR protocol)
  6. Does Flirc sell a version of their IR adapter that supports a 3.5mm mono-plug? (i.e. 3.5mm IR input to USB HID output) I'd like to connect a Flirc directly to my home automation equipment (URC Total Control) that emits IR signals via 3.5mm mono-plugs. I'd then like to connect the Flirc USB side to an Nvidia Shield or maybe my HTPC. EDIT: ...or can the existing Flirc be modified to accept a 3.5mm input?
  7. @‌‌jason / jason - I'm also interested in using the Flirc on my NVidia Shield. Unfortunately I purchased my Shield just before the free remote promotion this past weekend, so I don't have a remote to test, but can Flirc be used to discretely wakeup/sleep the Shield TV?
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