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  1. I no longer feel as flippant. It turns out it is not my fault. I inserted the new Flirc from Amazon I received today and fired up the GUI. The GUI stayed up which is an indication that the new Flirc was good and recognized. I read the online instructions for upgrading the firmware and did so. (Again, I do not understand why I had to use the "force" button rather than the update firmware button but so be it.) Flirc chewed on something for a few seconds then "stopped working". From that point on it is like my initial post and so is the log. I recently discovered the "firmware bugs" forum. If you would like to refile this post there please go ahead. One post very similar to mine there is simply marked "resolved", with absolutely no explanation as to how. I'm an ex programmer and I run a fairly tight ship with my Windows 10 system, meaning that I'm clean, completely functional, secure and up-to-date. The only thing I that is out of the ordinary for a Windows 10 user is that I run EMET which is a special MS anti-virus program. I have just bought my third Flirc because of this firmware problem.
  2. Hi, I inserted a Flirc that I bought new about 6 months ago into my new Windows 10 machine, then downloaded and installed the Flirc GUI. I was having problems deleting an assignment when I decided to upgrade the firmware. I was also looking in the registry to see if I could find if Flirc stored key assignments there. I "forced" the firmware upgrade even though I don't know why the regular upgrade firmware button was grayed out. The registry editor crashed on a search (which is a known Windows 10 problem) then something went wrong with the firmware upgrade, can't remember exactly what. I admit it was pretty stupid doing anything simultaneously with a firmware upgrade. Now the GUI immediately craps out. Device manager says the Flirc isn't plugged in even though it clearly is. The bootloader seems happy. Attached is the level 5 log. To own a Flirc is so frugal, I just went ahead and assumed my Flirc is fried, and fetched a fresh facsimile from Amazon. I'll follow up first thing after it fulfills. flirc_log.txt
  3. God there's a whole world out there I didn't know about. Thanks. As you could guess this kind of info is difficult to search for, because there is so much consumer-level content to weed out.
  4. Hi, I have an old Kloss 88 table radio that I'm partial to and would like to use as the speakers for my HDTV system. (I need the FM as well.) The problem is I've lost the remote for it. I recently bought a Flirc and I'm in the process of consolidating my remotes, but a profile cannot be found for the 88 in any of the several manufacturer-published lists I've seen. A Google search comes up empty as well. So my questions are, obviously the signal from any single remote keypress produces an infrared pattern and a learning remote will store that pattern in memory. Well, why don't we, as advanced enthusiast consumers, have access to that pattern? Let's say some guy out there does have the Kloss 88 remote and has taught his universal. Why can't he extract and trade his patterns with me? Is there some industry standard protocol for remotes that I don't know about? If not why not? If there was and there was some standard way to digitally describe a keypress, I could just look up the keypresses I need in some database and I could just upload them to my universal. OK maybe this is part of the answer: A keypress generates an ultimately analog signal. A learning remote samples that signal, coverts it to digital, and stores the numbers in memory. This is necessary since there is no such thing as analog memory. Since many manufactures have different ways of sampling and digitizing the signal, no one numerical pattern exists for any given keypress. Can anyone speak to this?
  5. So this message is rather cold. Well, if you're still out there, I just got the Inteset 422. Try remote code set 01877. All of the buttons respond. Not sure if some buttons send duplicate codes. BTW, Nice choice of remote. Excellent backlighting.
  6. Hi, I use the popular video program VLC. In VLC the key combo for toggling into full-screen mode is Alt-V + F. The Flirc setup app does not want to accept this key combo. Is there any way do this and use only one remote button? I'm a programmer, so you don't need to be gentle. (PS. Of course my interest is not only in this particular combination, but in the thousands of different combinations that Windows apps use.)
  7. Now that I've spent hours setting up my Flirc (no fault of Flirc, there's just a lot of factors to consider) it would be nice if I could dump my Flirc's mappings to file that I could save in my backups, just in case I got a new Flirc or my current Flirc gets stolen or zapped. AND, tweaker that I am, it would be nice if that backup file was editable text, not binary. Of course this implies that the backup file is used by the other nice-to-have function: a Flirc restore.
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